Services - Woo Town Suites, Antalya

Discover the perfect location, extraordinary style and magnificent services of "Woo Town Suites" in Kaleiçi, which reflects the cultural and historical beauty of the Mediterranean and Antalya. A large mansion dating from the 19th century has been restored and transformed into a unique Boutique Hotel facility. Woo Town Suites is full of life with its 28 different rooms and its garden and facilities that reflect its unique style. WOO-HOO Garden offers an unforgettable holiday experience with WOO-HOO BISTRO, WOO-FEE Coffee House, WOO-WINE Wine House, WOO-DOO Art Gallery, DELİ BEKİR Pub, DELİ DİVANE Meyhane. It is also possible to see the entrance gate and theater tribunes of the Roman Period theater located under our hotel. Our team will be honored to host you for this wonderful experience.

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